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About MPA Atlas of BOBLME

The MPA Atlas of BOBLME is an interactive online database portal storing and providing access to up to date inventory of MPAs relevant to the Bay of Bengal LME to a wider MPA community of practitioner (managers, researcher, policy makers, etc). Other information in this portal includes reports, review, case studies, scientific articles, maps etc.

This is a collaboration project between WorldFish and BOBLME Project funded by FAO. This portal was produced as part of the ongoing UN FAO’s Bay of Bengal LME Ecosystem Programme. The programme is a regional initiative among the BOBLME countries. Maldives, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia, have declared their willingness to work together through the Bay of Bengal Large Marine Ecosystem (BOBLME) Project and lay the foundations for a coordinated programme of action designed to improve the lives of the coastal populations through improved regional management of the Bay of Bengal environment and its fisheries.

This project was an output from the “Status of Marine Protected Area and Fish Refugia in the Bay of Bengal Large Marine Ecosystem” workshop where the major recommendation was to establish a BOBLME MPA learning network to facilitate communication among MPA practitioners and help in the diffusion of innovative practices. The finding and output from the workshop are visualized in this portal and will be a contribution to improved knowledge management for the governance of the marine protected areas in the Bay of Bengal.

Interactive Map

View the MPA data in the Bay of Bengal region in the interactive map

MPA Database

Search a collection of MPA records in the Bay of Bengal region

Case Studies

List of case studies from the Bay of Bengal projects


Search for resources within the Bay of Bengal region.

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